Compact Glass Shredder TVL 100 with closed operation

Recycling bottles and glass scraps on a small scale.

Compact Glass Shredder TVL 100 with closed operation

The TVL 50 was developed thinking of the need of both city halls, companies and other establishments that make use of glassware like bottles but that does not have a profitable and environmentally correct way to discard those residues.

The TVL 50 has a compact design and electric motor drive, making it possible to install it easily almost anywhere.

For greater practicality and safety at work, the TVL 100 has a power drawer, thus keeping the operator away from the cutting area, as well as keeping the equipment completely closed, preventing shrapnel from reaching anyone nearby. The same occurs in the discharge area, having a removable discharge vessel inside the machine.

When shredding the glass it is possible to reduce its volume either for disposal or for the supply of recyclable material.


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Technical Specifications

Motor:electric 2.2 kW, 230V / 50Hz CV
dimensions:1040 x 700 x 1530 mm mm
Weight:183 kg kg
Noise:>80% db

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