Wood Chipper BIO 90G

Mobile and compact grinder and grinder ideal for cleaning gardens and condominiums.

Wood Chipper BIO 90G

Powered by a gasoline engine, our BIO 90 G Biotriter allows you to feed antlers or leaves into specific rails by improving material grinding.

  • It is a grinder and mill in one piece.
  • Hardened steel blades do the job simple.
  • Interchangeable sieve of different diameters
  • Easy access to lubricate bearings
  • Larger fuel tank provides hours of continuous operation.


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Technical Specifications

Model:BIO 90 G
Motor:420 cc OHV, 4 cylinder CV
Rotation speed:15 HP / 3600 RPM
hammers:24 und.
Size Chip:10 mm
Rotations Disk:2400 RPM

Budgets, Applications and More Info