Wood Chipper BIO 109 G

Compact wood chipper, ideal for the treatment of organic waste for disposal or composting

Wood Chipper BIO 109 G

The Bio 109 G represents a new generation of wood chippers. It is the evolution of the various systems of shredding and chipping of organic and vegetable material in a single system, using only one feeding mouth, passing through a system of single drum cut.

Ideal for the treatment of organic waste from pruning and management of trees, shrubs and other vegetable materials. It transforms sticks, logs, antlers and other residues into a quality organic compost that can be used as soil cover or fertilizer to the soil through composting.

Main features:

• Wide 410 x 360 mm feed hopper

• Rubber curtain to prevent material from returning into the operator

• Two reversible knives

• Powerful 13 HP petrol engine

• Easy access to cutting chamber for cleaning and maintenance

• Wheeled chipper for easy transportation

• Output chute with adjustable baffle

• Strap for easy transport


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Technical Specifications

Model:Bio 109 G
Maximum cutting diameter of branches:100 mm
Number of Knives:2 und.
Rotation of the rotor:2400 RPM
Power rating:13 HP
Opening Cut:130 x 270 mm
Feed Opening:410 x 360 mm

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