Waste transportation trailer CTR 500

Trailer for various waste transport

Waste transportation trailer CTR 500

The diverse waste transportation trailer is designed to offer a safe and efficient service. Perfect for cleaning, pruning, thinning of the forest or alone, handling of urban trees, condominiums, etc.
Transport your organic compost you can use for garden plants and trees.

• For transports of cut grass, trimmings, prunings, earth, adobo, sand, among others.

• With tricycle wheels for movement on difficult terrain.

• Spherical hitch for quadricycle for transport to short distances.

• Steady Stability Brake when assembled.

• Dump box which facilitates the discharge of the material.


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Technical Specifications

Model:CRT 500
Size tire:22 x 11 - 8 ''
Size:3120 × 1370 × 940 mm
Capacity:500 Kg.

Budgets, Applications and More Info