Brush Chipper / Shredder - Bio 800 T

Wood chipper and mill powered by tractor

Brush Chipper / Shredder - Bio 800 T

The BIO 800 T is a tractor-driven chipper / mill, thus having the advantage of not having its own engine maintenance, making it more economical. By being coupled to the tractor, it can easily reach hard-to-reach places effortlessly.

Advantages and features:

- Hardened steel blades to make your job easier

- Replaceable sieve of different diameters

- Easy access for bearing lubrication

- Two feed hoppers

- Rubber curtains in the feed hoppers to prevent the return of pieces of the shredded material

- Tractor power take-off

- Grinding chamber for leaves and green pasta

Lay branches on this machine and see how the discharge spreads the chips wherever you want.


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Technical Specifications

Required tractor power:35 CV
hammers:24 und.
Diameter of Sieve:20 mm
dimensions:1100 x 1150 x 1250 mm
Weight:140 kg

Budgets, Applications and More Info