Brush Chipper BT-90

The BT-90 is a mobile and compact equipment, capable of processing antlers, small shrubs, plants and leaves, ideal for gardens and condominiums.

Brush Chipper BT-90

The machine has a drum with two steel blades which ensure the durability of the cut. When material enters chipper he is pulled inside, facilitating grinding process.

The picador BT-90 branches are able to poke twigs up to 90 mm in diameter, in addition, the chipper capable of processing small shrubs, plants, leaves and other waste, and very useful for home users, business landscaping, nursery and condominiums.

The mincer power input is positioned at an optimum height to facilitate the work of the operator feeds the machine. The chips produced by the BT-90 is ejected through the outlet pipe, directing the chips to the side of the equipment, these chips have an average size between 10 to 20 mm.

This chopper has a Mitsubishi engine 13HP gasoline. The BT-90 is specially designed to enable quick and easy replacement of parts and low cost of maintenance.

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