Brush Chipper Bio 25 E

Compact bio chipper for the use in residences, perfect to create natural fertilizer for the soil

Brush Chipper Bio 25 E

The wood chipper Bio 25 E is a compact equipament with a powerful electric motor, perfect for the use on gardens.

The Bio 25 E was developed with a high efficiency cutting system and a motor of 2500w, being able to shred branches of up to 35 mm in diameter.

Besides its perfect performance for domestic use, it is also a easy handling equipament, thanks to its compact body and transportation wheels, containing as well a discharge bucket to the processed material, making your life simpler, being easy to transport the processed residues till the place of discard or reutilization.

Wide colector box with capacity of 50 liters.


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Technical Specifications

Model:Bio 25 E
Ability to Antlers:35 mm
Motor power:2500 Kw
Number of Knives:2 und.
Voltage:220 V

Budgets, Applications and More Info