Brush Chipper PTU 350

PTU 350 Ideal for chipping antlers, trunks and shrubs

Brush Chipper PTU 350

The PTU 350 is the ultimate in innovation, productivity, operator safety and energy efficiency. It offers more efficiency in chipping through its large feed mouth, making your toughest jobs easier. Its fuel tank reduces the time spent on refueling and increases uptime. Green biomass cleaning service providers, rural and urban landowners, arboriculturists, farmers, town halls, farmers, foresters, and other related branches find in the PTU 350 the solution for chipping their organic material. The variable feed speed of the feed roll allows the user to slow down when processing harder or larger materials. Vehicle trailer manufactured together with with the brush chipper and diesel engine set with proper certification to comply with traffic laws. Steppe tire optionally supplied.

Dynamically balanced 02-knife drum cutting system, has shredding capacity of up to 35 cm diameter. Motor options from 85 HP to 140 HP with electric start and electronic injection system.

Automatic system for feeding and engine speed to the cutting assembly. Electronic system 'No Stress'. A large rectangular feed opening helps increase productivity by reducing the need to cut material before placing it in the chipper. Trailer constructed of reinforced carbon steel structural profiles, with extendable hitch, two wheels and with anti-torsion suspension.

PTU 350 is also supplied with lower power disconnect bar system, providing extra operator safety.

Dual operation and standby buttons allow the operator to promptly reset the lower feed stop bar. The four (04) top feed control bar has dual feed position. Mounted on the feed table allows the operator to break the feed roll and select forward and backward operations.

270º rotary discharge. Adjustable discharge deflector

Modern Electric Brake System and Lever Stationary Brake for uncoupled state. Coupling system with safety lock and emergency stop.


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Technical Specifications

Model:PTU 350
Actuation:Diesel Engine 85 HP to 140 HP Turbo
Number of Knives:2 Unid. und.
Rotating Drum:2000 RPM
Ability to Antlers:350 mm mm

Budgets, Applications and More Info