Brush Chipper PTU 300 E

Wood chipper with diesel engine eith electronic system, and capacity to logs of up to 300 mm in diameter

Brush Chipper PTU 300 E

Wood Chipper for professional use in urban cleaning with capacity for logs up to 300 mm in diameter.

The PTU 300 E is part of a new generation of diesel engine chippers with electronic system. Equipment for professional use by city halls, service providers and landscaping and composting companies, for use in the shredding of antlers and remnants of trees from the cleaning of urban areas.

The PTU 300 E features a wide feed rail with extendable folding table for convenience and operator safety.

This new generation has a diesel engine with electronic system. The advantages of the electronic system are seen in the efficiency and economy of the engine.

Thanks to its electronic injection system, the engine works smoother and with more precision, and has a more efficient management of fuel consumption.

Another advantage is that this system allows the constant monitoring of its operation, causing the engine to work in perfect synchrony and reducing the amount of pollutant gases generated by the incorrect burning of the diesel, counting on a system of self management.

With its drum cutting system with 4 knives, it can shred logs up to 300 mm in diameter requiring less engine power.

It has a NO-STRESS system that monitors the rotations of the equipment, ensuring that the wood chipper delivers the best performance without allowing overcharges that could shorten its working life, and has a digital display for easy monitoring of the equipment.

It has a large diameter roller for bulky materials and a control bar on the rail with emergency stop, ensuring the safety of the operator.


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Technical Specifications

Model:PTU 300 E
Actuation:75 HP Diesel engine - Electronic injection - low polluting
Number of Knives:2 - 4 und.
Rotating Drum:2000 RPM
Ability to Antlers:300 mm

Budgets, Applications and More Info