Brush Chipper PDU 1000 TH

Hydraulic tank for greater efficiency of equipment with less tractor power required

Brush Chipper PDU 1000 TH

The PDU 1000 TH is a powerful and versatile high efficiency chipper, making it an excellent choice of machinery for organic waste processing.

This equipment is towed by the tractor, thus being able to reach places of difficult access without problems.

The 1000 TH PDU has a hydraulic tank, which has a great advantage for generating high efficiency, forcing much less the tractor power take-off, presenting an efficient waste management solution.

Thanks to its tractor's power take-off system with hydraulic tank, it can grind trunks up to 120 mm in diameter, producing a very high quality organic compound having several applications, among them, soil cover improving water retention, thermal energy generation, fertilizer to increase soil fertility, thus reducing the use of synthetic fertilizers, ideal for syntropical agriculture.

Main features:

• Drive bar around feed rail for operator safety

• Hydraulic power system for greater agility at work

• Engage with 3 points of the tractor

• Hydraulic tank for greater efficiency

• Dump of discharge with 360 ° rotation and discharge deflector for practicality in the dumping of the chips

• Strong frame for years of use


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Technical Specifications

Model:PDU 1000 TH
Opening Cut:120 x 215 mm
Actuation:35 - 75 hp (540 - 640 rpm rotation PTO)

Budgets, Applications and More Info