Brush Chipper for Urban Cleaning - PDU 200 G-RCB

Gas powered engine brush chipper equiped with tipping bucket

Brush Chipper for Urban Cleaning - PDU 200 G-RCB

The Brush Chipper PDU 200 G-RCB has its own tipping bucket, designed to meet the needs of urban cleaning in a complete way. This brush chipper not only has a powerful gasoline engine and high productivity cutting system, but because it has its own tipping bucket it eliminates the need to tow a separate vehicle for the collection of organic waste in the workplace.

The brush chipper is ideal for cleaning organic residues from pruning and handling of green trees and residues within urban areas, allowing the application of urban waste in organic composting and promoting resource savings and environmental disposal. Thus, the PDU 200 G-RCB brush chipper is a great working tool especially for prefectures and service providers.

Main features:

• Rubber curtain that prevents material from returning, providing more safety to the operator.

• Stationary brake and coupling system

• Automatic feed roller control system for greater practicality and constancy of operation

• It has wheels and buckets for use on urban roads

• Dump bucket with 5 M³ of capacity and two doors for inspection

Technical Specifications

Model:PDU 200 G-RCB
Ability to Toras:160 mm
Number of Knives:2 und.
Opening Cut: 160 x 200 mm
Production:5 - 15 m³/h

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