Stump Grinder with Tractor power take-off - Lippel DL 36

Mobile stump grinder for the removal of tree stumps with tractor coupling and power take-off

Stump Grinder with Tractor power take-off - Lippel DL 36

In the maintenance of rural and urban areas, a challenge is the removal of tree stumps from the ground. To meet this demand, Lippel has developed a compact Stump Grinder DL 36 for tractor power take-off.

The DL 36 stump grinder is designed with a high strength structure to give the operator greater safety and ease of operation. Its tractor power take-off ensures its more compact size and greater stability in its use.

Featuring a 24-inch high hardness cutting blade, it can remove tree stumps up to 8 inches below the ground and up to 18 inches above the ground.

Main features

30 to 50 HP Tractor PTO

Rotor with 36 special steel teeth with 24 inch disc

810 RPM working speed

65 ° cutting movement


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Technical Specifications

Actuation:Tractor PTO
Rotor diameter:60 mm
Rotation speed:810 RPM
Required tractor power:30 - 50 CV

Budgets, Applications and More Info