Tractor Powered Log Splitter RTMI 300 22T

Equipment of easy mobility and speed in the transport, has with differential the versatility and practicality in the operation

Tractor Powered Log Splitter RTMI 300 22T

Compact, high performance wood splitter, easy to move and fast to transport equipment, it has the versatility and practicality in the operation, avoiding the inconveniences in the handling of the wood, which in turn are heavy and difficult to carry.

Once the wood has been processed by RTMI, it can be transported in a lighter and more practical way, saving time and reducing unnecessary efforts.

The Lippel line of equipment provides operators with high level of safety during processing wood and good performance with their system coupled to the tractor's hydraulic assembly, allowing it to operate the tractor in a variety of terrains, regardless of their working position.

When the system is activated by a lever, the wood is immediately processed and splitted, in case the operator releases the drive lever, the piston stops moving instantly being available to move backward or forward.

In this way, the equipment becomes static whenever the lever is not activated, preventing it from moving during the exchange of the wood, thus providing safety to the operator.

The Line allows to change the dividers of the wood (cutting wedge) between two or four splinters, making the production and the quality of the same are dimensioned according to the desired.

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