Electric Log Splitter RTI 01 V

Compact log splitter designed to streamline your work and produce a much larger amount of firewood than the manual process

Electric Log Splitter RTI 01 V

The RTI 01 V Log Splitter is designed to meet your need by producing a greater amount of firewood for home or commercial use, in much less time than by manual processes, and with much less effort.

With it, you do not need to use axes, wedge, or other hand tools.

It has a compact design, has wheels for easy mobility, making it a great working tool.

This splitter is driven by an electric motor that drives a high-powered hydraulic piston.

It has two drive levers for greater safety, keeping your hands away from the cutting wedge.

Constructed of welded steel for durability, it has become a useful tool for many years.

It has an optional lift table (sold separately), to facilitate the operator's work and transport, keeping it at the ideal height for your work.


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Technical Specifications

Model:RTI 01 V
Cutting Force:5 T
Maximum length of logs:520 mm
Diameter of Logs:300 mm
Accessories:high table and crosshead

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