Wood Chipper TF 100

Bio Shredder TF 100 processing branches, small shrubs, foliage and bark material for composting

Wood Chipper TF 100

Bio - Shredder TF - 100

The Bio - crusher TF100 turns twigs and branches in fractional matter, quality of cut and chip dimensions, fractionating twigs, small shrubs, generating on low grain size and can be used for fertilization of the earth, with a clean and environmentally friendly solution , replacing the burning or being buried in landfills.
With two chutes one for input and one for the chopper mill it generates waste to produce compost or soil cover. With a 15 hp engine it branches triturated with up to 102mm diameter. A good for rural and urban charges, fruit growers, ranchers, farmers and foresters and other segments. For the wood chipper is compact and has wheels and hitch to take you wherever you want.

Why choose Bio - TF-100 chopper?

  • It is ideal for property cleaning, because it is chipper and shredder. The Bio - crusher reduces organic waste on a more manageable, produces its own wood chips that of more flexibility in the process of the compound that would be made for months in just days.
  • The Bio - crusher crusher is of twigs and small shrubs, turning into organic matter, with a better solution to burn excess load on landfills.

Because chopping or grinding?

  • Cleaning properties.
  • Reduce organic waste in quantities more manageable.
  • Create a healthier environment by processing materials instead of burning or dumping in landfills.
  • Grinding into fine pieces accelerating the decomposition process, may be used for both ground and forage for generating organic compound


Technical Specifications

Model:TF 100
Kind:2 in 1 (crusher and forage)
Cutting Capacity:102 mm
Rotation of the rotor:2400 RPM
Rotor:2x4 martillos indentations, 2x4 straight hammers, knives 2
Motor:190 F CV
Engine type:Unicycle Horizontal, 4T, air-cooled, OHV, gasoline
cid:420 CC
Power rating:15 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity:6,7 L
Weight:105 kg

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