Brush Chipper / Shredder Bio 76 E

Composting branch shredder, capable of fractionating branches and residues up to 67mm in diameter, excellent for both rural and urban areas

Brush Chipper / Shredder Bio 76 E

The Bio - 76 E Bio Crusher is a composting branch chipper, capable of transforming pruning remains in fractionated matter, reducing the volume with cutting quality and producing tiny chips, being able to be used as organic fertilizer or for soil cover , Thus replacing the burning of these prunings or sending them to landfills.

It is a chipper with two entrance rails, one for the chipper and another for the mill, easy to move, equipped with wheels and handles to facilitate the manual transport by the operator. With a 4 CV electric motor, it grinds branches up to ø 67 mm in diameter. Being excellent for rural and urban areas.


Technical Specifications

Model:BIO 76 E
Ability to Antlers:67 mm
Number of Knives:3 und.
Weight:85 kg
Motor:Elétrico 4 CV

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