Brush Chipper BIO 140 DT

Powerful wood chipper with log capacity up to 100 mm, ideal for waste management of trees

Brush Chipper BIO 140 DT

The Bio 140 DT is a powerful wood chipper driven by a powerful 12 HP diesel engine.

The Bio 140 DT is ideal for the processing of antlers and organic residues of pruning and handling of trees and plants. This chipper has the capacity to chip logs up to 100 mm in diameter, transforming the material into a rich organic compound that can be used as cover and soil fertilization or composting.

Main features:

• Discharge chute with 180 ° swivel with baffle for more practical material discharge

• Rubber curtain for operator safety

• Easy access to the cutting rotor and bearing

• Powerful 12 HP diesel engine

• Support jack and towbar for easy transport

• Tires for transport on rough terrain

• Hardened special steel knives for higher durability


Technical Specifications

Model:BIO 140 DT
Ability to Toras:100 mm
Opening Cut:140 x 280 mm
Rotations Disk:2400 RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity:6 L

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