Brush Chipper Bio 120 E

Garden brush chipper with cutting opening of 120 x 280 mm with electric motor

Brush Chipper Bio 120 E

The brush chipper BIO 120 E was developed to be a powerful tool to aid residential cleaning in condominiums and green areas, designed with compact design and high performance.

This brush chipper has a drum cutting system combined with an electric motor of great strength, being able to chip logs of up to 100 mm in diameter, as well as easily chip antlers and pruning debris, thus reducing the large volume of pruning, achieving a reduction of about 70%.

Through the shredding of the organic residues and the remains of the management of trees and plants, it is possible to give the correct destination of the residues, being able to be used in the soil cover, or in the organic composting, producing a rich organic fertilizer, free of chemical components.

It has tow hitch for easy locomotion of the equipment to the work place.

Technical Specifications

Model:Bio 120 E
Opening Cut:120 x 280 mm
Ability to Toras:100 mm
Electric motor power:7,5 CV
Number of Knives:2 und.

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