Brush Chipper - BIO 120 D

Wood chipper for composting, with capacity for branches up to 100 mm in diameter and diesel engine

Brush Chipper - BIO 120 D

The BIO 120 D is a high performance wood chipper developed for the processing of twigs, tree and shrub prunings for the production of organic composting process.

Lippel's wood chipper’s represents a new generation of breakers with innovative cutting system and high power motor.

The BIO 120 D features a drum cutting system capable of shredding logs up to 100 mm in diameter and is perfect for processing pruning debris, organic waste, shrubs and antlers, turning residues into wood chips, a high value organic compost for composting or soil cover and fertilization.

With its powerful 10 HP diesel engine, it can grind antlers without losing power, but with a low maintenance cost.

It has a discharge duct with output adjustment, which can rotate 360° and has a discharge deflector.

Powerful tool for home or professional use, and can be used in condominiums, farms, arboricultores, silvocultores, in sintropic agriculture, etc.

In addition to productivity, safety is also vital, with wide feed trough, rubber curtain to prevent material return and emergency stop button, the BIO 120 D wood chipper is an excellent working tool, providing high productivity and operator safety.


Technical Specifications

Model:Bio 120 D
Ability to Antlers:100 mm
Power rating:10 HP
Number of Knives:2 und.
Opening Cut:120 x 280 mm

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