Brush Chipper Bio 115 G

High-performance equipment to clean gardens

Brush Chipper Bio 115 G

The Brush Chipper Bio 115 G is a compact, high-performance equipment for those who want to clean gardens, condominiums, shacks and green areas in general to get rid of pruning accumulation and composting.

The Bio 115 has a 13 HP gasoline engine for a chipping capacity up to 100 mm in diameter. This brush chipper is designed with operator safety in mind, featuring a large feed hopper to keep the operator away from the cutting system, and also has a discharge deflector to direct the chips where they want, avoiding accidents by the discharge system.

The shredder presents the solution for those who want to reuse green waste to produce organic fertilizer through composting. In addition to allowing the composting of antlers, leaves and shrubs, it also facilitates the composting of food scraps, because wood chips can be mixed with food scraps, making their decomposition more uniform and controlled, and reducing the bad smells of food scraps.

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