Wood Chipper - BIO 110

Ideal for cleaning organic waste for home and professional use, such as condominiums, farmers and others

Wood Chipper - BIO 110

The BIO 110 Wood Chipper represents a new generation of chippers. It is the evolution of several systems of shredding and grinding of organic waste in a single system, being necessary to use only one feeding mouth.

It is an ideal machinery to process twigs, shrubs and trunks up to 110 mm in diameter, producing a quality organic compound, which can be used for soil cover or composting.

You will find in the BIO 110 the solution for the processing of organic materials, widely used in domestic environment, for condominiums, farms and other similar areas, greatly streamlining the process of cleaning and disposal of the material. In addition, it values ??the material since it can be reused, rather than mere discard.


Safety bar around the feed hopper.

Emergency switch.

Two reversible face knifes.

Powerful 15 HP petrol or electric engine.

Output duct with 180 ° rotation and adjustable deflector.

Tires that facilitate transport.

Trailer hitch for greater practicality.


Technical Specifications

Model:BIO 110
Power rating:15 HP
Engine Speed:3600 RPM
Number of Knives:2 und.
Opening Cut:120 x 280 mm
Ability to Toras:110 mm

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