Brush Chipper BIO 100 E

Electric wood chipper for organic waste and pruning debris from trees and shrubs

Brush Chipper BIO 100 E

The Bio 100 E Wood Chipper is a compact equipment for the processing of organic waste and pruning debris, with a powerful electric motor with 3 CV of power.

The Bio 100 E is capable of shredding logs up to 80 mm diameter and antlers, making use of a high efficiency drum cutting system, guaranteeing the high productivity of a rich organic compound, which can be used as fertilizer and fertilizer to the soil.

Main features:

• Wide feed rail with tray for easy use

• Powerful 220v electric motor

• Exhaust duct with discharge baffle for easy targeting of wood chips

• Capacity for branches up to 80 mm in diameter

• Rubber curtain to prevent material return

• Drum cutting system reduces the need for engine power and increases productivity

Ideal for private use, nurseries, condominiums, arboriculturists, farmers, sowers, syntropical agriculture and anyone who needs a robust and compact equipment for the processing of organic waste and green mass.

Technical Specifications

Model:Bio 100 E
Motor:Electric with 3 CV
Voltage:220 V
Ability to Antlers:80 mm
Number of Knives:2 und.

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