Wood Chipper BIO 130 D

Able to crush foliage twigs, small shrubs and plants, being ideal for condominiums, farms, nurseries and parks.

Wood Chipper BIO 130 D

Powered by a strong Diesel motor, the BIO 130 D Biotriter uses direct mass technology, allowing you to feed branches up to 8.5 cm in diameter through its 350 mm cut-off. It is powerful and fast. Feed bouquets to the cutting chamber and watch them instantly transform into chips.

Feed thick branches or thick wood for this machine and see how the multidirectional download guides the valuable chips to the place you want. And with the ability to attach or feed directly to the cutting rotor you can quickly get chips and place them where you want.

The biotriturator Bio 130 D features double technology, a cutting chamber with two blades and a blade and a double chip output system, below or above the chipper.

That makes the Bio 130 D a powerful crusher in the market - it really is a fantastic machine!

Technical Specifications

Model:BIO 130 D
Motor:10 CV
Rotation speed:2.400 RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity:6,5 L
Number of Knives:2 und.
Cutting Capacity:130 mm
Size Chip:10 a 18 mm
Emergency button:Yes
dimensions:1800 x 800 x 1150 mm
Weight:165 kg

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