Recycling Waste Shredder TRS-600/25

High-capacity production machinery built to be resistant to abrasive materials

Recycling Waste Shredder TRS-600/25

The Lippel TRS-600/25 Waste Shredder has been developed to be a high capacity production sredder.

This waste shredder can be used for recycling crushing of a wide range of materials in a uniform size as, plastics, wood, paper, aluminum, etc.

With the unique design of the rotor and the cutting chamber, the rotor inserts and fixed blades cut the materials perfectly so that they not only cut the material evenly but reduce the production of dust. This reduces wear to knives and sieves.

Main Specification:

- Shaft blade made of DC53 steel with high resistance to wear and durability

- It has inspection door on the side of the cutting chamber for easy exchange of the blades and inserts

- It has shock absorption system, which reduces stress in the components of the machinery, increasing its lifetime

- The rotor inserts can be used on four different cutting sides before you need to replace them

- Adjuster for the fixed blades to have a cutting precision

- Quick-change screens for precise particle size control

- Autonomous control panel with Siemens PLC system

- Tested, approved and certified by CE safety standards

Technical Specifications

dimensions:1820 x 1300 x 1730 mm
Power Trough width:660 x 600 mm
Horizontal shift:500mm
sieve Standard:40 mm
Rotor diameter:220 mm
Rotation of the rotor:80 RPM
Knives Rotor:23+4 und.
against Knives:4 und.
Motor power:18.5 Kw
Weight:1650 kg

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