Waste Shredder for Recycling TRD 790x600

The ideal solution for grinding wood, cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum, organic materials

Waste Shredder for Recycling TRD 790x600

The waste disposers have a wide range of application. They can be used for grinding all types of wood waste, cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminium, organic materials, mixtures of materials, etc.

The new technology developed by Lippel in these shredders includes the tilted grinding system, which saves energy. The waste shredder Lippel features low noise level and lower production if compared with wood chippers. They are scaled by the infeed opening.

Technical Specifications

Model: TRD 790 x 600
Power rating:37 HP
Opening input vertical: 800 mm
Opening input horizontal:1230 mm
dimensions:2700 x 1530 x 2090 mm
Weight:4700 kg

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