Waste Shredder for Large Scale Recycling MRW 2.85

High Capacity Waste Processing Equipment

Waste Shredder for Large Scale Recycling MRW 2.85

The Pronar low speed Waste Shredders, brought in partnership with Lippel, are designed to perform primary grinding of various types of materials.

These machines can be used to shred green waste from cities, industries, building debris, pallets, tree felling debris, wood stumps, large and hard materials, lightweight material, etc.

The cutting system consists of two synchronized milling axes positioned within the cutting chamber.

The parts used in its construction are made of high abrasion resistant materials, which ensures long service life and trouble-free operation of the equipment.

The shredder can be moved around the job site at any time without the use of towing vehicles because of its track chassis. Possibility of approval for road transport.

Technical Specifications

Model:MRW 2.85
Motor power:405 - 428 Kw

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