General Waste Shredder TMF 3280

The TMF3280 was specially developed to reduce the particle size of several kinds of materials.

General Waste Shredder TMF 3280

The material is cutted between the rotor and the counter knife, and the particle size is adjusted through a screen, mounted below the rotor.

The cutting chamber can be inclined, which allows easy opening, in order to save time during the maintenance.

The bearings and pillow blocks are located out of the cutting chamber, avoiding the dirt and dust generated by the shredding. That also prevents the entrance of grease in the cutting chamber.

This machine is able to process general waste as: wood, sawdust, bark, plant fibers, dry coconut bushings, wood chips, straw, bones, cardboard, paper, packaging materials, and plastics (in this case, you need a special rotor).

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