Knife Mill TM-06

Knife Mill TM-06 is a versatile, sturdy knife mill grinding various types of plastic

Knife Mill TM-06

TM 06 Knife Mill are designed for the recovery of defective parts. The knife mill is a machine made to grind plastic material in the form of manufactured gross, injection and extrusion residues to then recover them and therefore reuse them in the productive processes. Its multi-step knife systems feature scissors-type action. Which generates a material of excellent quality granulation uniform and without dust.

Technical Specifications

Model:TM 06
Grinding chamber:150 x 225
Rotor diameter:150 mm
Noise:<80 db
Motor power:2,2 (6 pol.) | 4 (4 pol.) Kw
Rotor of Knives:4 or 6 und.

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