Brush Chipper PTU 150 T

Tractor-driven shredder for shrubs, branches and logs.

Brush Chipper PTU 150 T

The PTU 150 T Wood Chipper is a strong tractor-driven shredder ideal for use in rural and urban areas as it is compact, high durability and productivity.

The PTU 150 T is designed to produce high quality wood chips that can be widely used as soil cover, compost, fertilizer to increase soil fertility, and other applications.

Main features:

• Mobile protection cover to prevent material return, thus providing greater operator safety

• Cutting system lock for increased safety during maintenance

• Easy access to changing knives

• Electrostatic painting developed to ensure protection against oxidation

• Discharge chute with 360 ° swivel and baffle to discharge material with greater practicality in the desired location

• High productivity of wood chips

Technical Specifications

Model:PTU 150 T
Actuation:Tractor power 30 - 60 HP
Number of Knives:02 und.
Rotating Drum:540 RPM

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