Brush Chipper PTU 100 T

Tractor-driven shredder for shrubs, branches and logs.

Brush Chipper PTU 100 T

Perfect for cleaning, pruning, logging, or barely processing urban waste management, condominiums, etc.
Creation of an organic compound that can be used to fertilize garden plants and trees used for water conservation.
Ideal for garden use: The result of grinding is good and various chips to place to cover the soil.
Opening of the feed box 400 x 350 mm: Large feed box is 1000 mm. In this way, both leaves and branches can be fed at the same time.

Technical Specifications

Model:PTU 100 T
Actuation:Tractor power 15-40
Number of Knives:02 und.
Rotation of the rotor:540 RPM
Ability to Antlers:100 mm

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