Brush Chipper PDX 150 ME

Powerful yet compact option powered by an electric motor

Brush Chipper PDX 150 ME

The PDX 150 ME is an ideal equipment for the processing of whole prunings, shrubs and antlers, thus producing high quality wood chips with various applications.

The chips produced by the chipper can be used to cover the soil to maintain soil moisture, soil fertilization, reduce the volume of the waste material among others.

It has a powerful electric motor, and is therefore suitable for working in a fixed location, even with less ventilation, and without harming the environment or the working environment.

Main features:

• Control bar on the side of the feed rail for greater operator safety

• Feeding rail made of steel to improve material flow

• Powerful electric motor

• Hydraulic feed system

• High productivity of high quality wood chips

Technical Specifications

Power rating:20 - 40 HP
Hydraulic engine:2 und.
Engine Speed:1080 RPM
Number of Knives:2 und.
Weight:800 kg
Dimensions with packing:1110 x 850 x 1350 mm

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