Branches Shredder PDX 150HD

The perfect machine to chip tree prunings, cleaning tracks and recycling of general green waste.

Branches Shredder PDX 150HD

The PDX 150HD was designed with a special hydraulic system to absorb the natural conditions, ensuring proper flow on the pump and potency to the hydraulic motor. The flow is adjusted by a valve, according to the necessity of the feeding velocity.

This Wood Chipper it’s the perfect tool to grind tree prunings, cleaning tracks and recycling of general green waste. The machine is suitable to farms, condos, gardening companies, cleaning services providers, composting, among other applications.

The wood logs are cutted in the same direction of its fibers, reducing the necessary power for cutting. Another feature of this machine is the auto-feeding: when the logs are fed into the chipper, the disc knives pull in the material, increasing the efficiency of hte machine.

The result of this process is homogeneous small chips, with sizes between 3 to 10 millimeters, producing up to 8m³/h, according to the efficiency of the feeding and kind of material.

These small chips are very useful to landscapers, which can use this material as a soil decorative cover or composting.

Technical Specifications

Model:PDX 150 HD
Production:5 - 8 m³/h
Size Chip:3 - 10 mm
Number of Knives:2 und.
Ability to Toras:150 mm
Ability to Antlers:180 mm
Hydraulic engine:2 und. und.
Hydraulic reservoir:38 L
Engine Speed:540 / 720 RPM
Required tractor power:25 - 60 CV
dimensions:1110 x 850 x 1350 mm

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