Wood Chipper PDU 300-2B

To shred wood branches, barks, leafage, garden prunings, round wood, bushes, sticks, etc.

Wood Chipper PDU 300-2B

A complete machine, powered by a strong diesel engine, prepared to transit on highways, it has a wide cutting capacity, which enables to shred any kind of material in only one machine.


A flexible system that reaches most of the requirements.

  • Infeed electronic system: It monitors the engine RPM, decreasing or increasing the velocity of the input rollers according to the different diameter and hardness of the material, returning automatically the material which is bigger than the input gap size.
  • A revolutionary cutting system, with innovative cutting discs, considerably more efficient than the usual blades.
  • The unique cutting discs system reduce the idle time and it’s less willing to damages, with less stuck green wet materials.
  • Lower noise level with cloistered engine.
  • Suspension with anti-twist bar.
  • Security system operating with automatic disarm across the edge of the infeed table and the top bar.


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Technical Specifications

Model:PDU 300-2B
Power rating:61 HP
Opening input vertical:235 mm
Actuation:Diesel Engine
Ability to Antlers:300 mm
Control:Automatic feed roller
Discharge Tube:360º with baffle º
Grinding chamber:18 hammers blade
Chamber of Court:6 cutting discs

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