Brush Chipper PDU 260 T

Strong and versatile chipper powered by tractor

Brush Chipper PDU 260 T

The Urban Disc Chipper PDU 260 T is powered by the power take-off of the Tractor, which eliminates the need for maintenance of an engine especific for the machine, and allows it to be taken to places that are difficult to reach. It has a wide feeding mouth and chute, capable of grinding bulky materials thanks to its "no-stress" auto feeding system (optional in the tractor version) that guarantees smooth and steady operation, even with more resistant materials. They are equipped with sharp two-sided knives, large tractor roller, feed trough, safety bar in four positions. They also have independent hydraulic system and feed speed control.

Ideal for anyone who owns a tractor and moves basically on rural roads or green areas and disposal for the recycling of pruning, twigs and round woods. The crushed material achieves a reduction of up to 80% of the accumulated waste volume and can be used in fertilization, composting and landscaping.


- Safe - Emergency bar wrapped around the rail;

- Easy to feed - Wide opening;

- Ease of operation - Simplicity and logic;

- Low operating cost - Efficient machine;

- Low maintenance cost - National manufacture;

- Output duct with baffle - So that the product is discarded in the right place;

- Tow - Easy to transport where you need it;

- No-Stress - Automatic management of the motor rotation index in relation to the power supply.


Technical Specifications

Production:5 - 15 m³/h
Number of Knives:2 und.
Weight:945 kg
Opening Cut:230 x 350 mm
Cutting Capacity:Ø230 (9”) mm
Cutting System:disc

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