Brush Chipper PDU 260 G

Strong and versatile chipper, can be easily towed to the workplace

Brush Chipper PDU 260 G

The Gas Powered PDU 260 G Urban Disc Chipper is a shredder designed to eliminate the difficulties in handling tree waste. It has a wide feeding mouth and chute, capable of crushing bulky materials thanks to its "no-stress" self-feeding system that guarantees smooth and steady operation, even with more resistant materials. They are equipped with sharp two-sided knives, large tractor roller, clutch system, feed rail, safety bar in four positions, plus brake system. They also have an independent hydraulic system, which guarantees their autonomy as a mobile unit.

Ideal for cleaning urban roads, green areas and disposal for the recycling of pruning, twigs and round woods. The crushed material achieves a reduction of up to 80% of the accumulated waste volume and can be used in fertilization, composting and landscaping.


• Safe - Emergency bar wrapped around the rail;

• Easy to feed - Wide opening;

• Ease of operation - Simplicity and logic;

• Low operating cost - Efficient machine;

• Low maintenance cost - National manufacture;

• Output duct with baffle - So that the product is discarded in the right place;

• Tow - Easy to transport where you need it;

• No-Stress - Automatic management of the motor rotation index in relation to the power supply.

Technical Specifications

Cutting Capacity:230 mm
Opening Cut:230 x 350 mm
Number of Knives:2 und.
Power rating:35 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity:60 L
Weight:1310 kg
Cutting Capacity:Ø230 (9”) mm

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