Brush Chipper PDC 260 DRCB

Ideal chipper for urban areas, with its own tipping cart for easier disposal of organic waste

Brush Chipper PDC 260 DRCB

The 260 DRCB PDU is a highly versatile and highly efficient wood chipper, since it is coupled to its own tipping cart, allowing the organic waste to be conveniently discarded in a compact way, being ready to discharge the shredded material in the desired location.

This chipper can grind whole antlers and shrubs in addition to trunks up to 230 mm in diameter thanks to its powerful diesel engine.

It is an ideal equipment for cleaning urban areas, with a cart with capacity of 5m³, wheeled and trailer hitch for easy transport within the city or rural areas.

The cart has two doors for inspecting the quality and humidity of the shredded material.

And for added safety and quality, it has a control bar around the feed rail, plus an electronic (No-Stress) system that automatically controls the speed of the feed roller, varying according to the need and capacity of the chipper.

Technical Specifications

Model:PDU 260 DRCB
Cutting Capacity:230 mm
Production:5 - 15 m³/h
Number of Knives:2 und.
against Knives:2 und.
Power rating:40 - 60 HP
Engine Speed:2200 RPM
Opening Cut:230 x 355 mm
Forward Control:NO - STRESS

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