Brush Chipper PDU 255 G

Versatile wood chipper, capable of shredding logs up to 230mm in diameter, producing up to 15m³ of processed material per hour

Brush Chipper PDU 255 G

The PDU 255 G wood chipper has been developed with a dynamically balanced high capacity production blade cutting system.

This chipper has a hydraulic feedwheel that facilitates the feed work of the chipper.

It is a robust and versatile machinery, produced to shredd whole antlers, trunks and shrubs, with an electronic system (No-Stress System) that automatically manages the motor rotation index in relation to the cutting set, which guarantees a higher quality final product and longer machine life.

Apart from practicality, safety can never be overlooked. Therefore, the chipper has a safety control bar around the feed rail, ensuring greater operator safety.

Other features:

Reversible knives, producing chips at a 45 ° angle

360 ° swivel discharge chute

Electronic control system with operation reader and programmable automatic mode


Technical Specifications

Model:PDU 255 G
Cutting Capacity:230 mm
Production:5 - 15 m³/h
Number of Knives:4 und.
against Knives:2 und.
Power rating:35 - 38 HP
Engine Speed:3600 RPM
Opening Cut:230 x 305 mm
Output Trough:360
Forward Control:NO - STRESS

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