Brush Chipper PDU 250 G.P

Chipper/shredder PDU 250 GP with 360 ° rotary chute and base, enabling the work in small spaces.

Brush Chipper PDU 250 G.P

The 250 G.P PDU is a towable-type Wood Chipper for high productivity of wood chips. Ideal for cleaning urban areas on roads, gardens and parks, rural areas, generating the possibility of reuse of waste instead of mere disposal.

Its use in the production of wood chips allows these organic residues to be recycled in composting, covering and fertilizing the soil, burning in furnaces and boilers, thus generating savings in the conscious use of natural resources.

Main features:

• Powerful gasoline engine

• Operation bar around feed rail for operator convenience and safety

• Dynamically balanced discs with reversible knives for longer use

• Hydraulic power system for greater agility at work

• Trailer hitch and wheeled to reach the workplace more easily

Technical Specifications

Model:PDU 250 G.P
Motor:Gasoline with electric electric start and instrument panel CV
Number of Knives:04 und.
Production:10 - 25 m³/h
Output Trough:Rotating with height of 3 meters / Deflector adjustable
Size tire:15'' ''

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