Brush Chipper PDU 250 D

Diesel Engine wood chipper and electronic control system

Brush Chipper PDU 250 D

Wood Chipper PDU 250 D Diesel Engine wood chipper with the engine options from 40 to 85 HP and Rotation Control System NO-STRESS, increasing performance and durability. Mobile Wood Chipper PDU 250D with diesel engine with options from 50 to 85 HP and four cylinders. The biggest advantage is its NO-STRESS system, which enhances the performance and durability of the chipper by automatically managing the rotation of the chipper according to the volume of the material feed to the machine. This model is perfect for tree management, shredding full bushes, plants, branches, trunks and cleaning gardens. It directs the chips directly to the truck or elsewhere.


Technical Specifications

Model:PDU 250 D
Motor:40 CV
Rotation speed:1880 RPM
Number of Knives:02 und.
Cutting System:Drum / Disc
Cutting Capacity:230 mm

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