Wood chipper PDU 1800 G

A Wood Chipper for the correct elimination of green materials like branches, trunks or shrubs.

Wood chipper PDU 1800 G

Towable, sturdy and versatile. Pick all kinds of shrubs, plants, branches, trunks, pruning residues. Ideal for cleaning gardens and roads, handling trees in urban areas, among other tasks.

Green biomass service providers, rural and urban tenants, fruit producers, farmers, municipalities, farmers, foresters, and other related branches, find in the PDU 1800 G the solution to crush organic matter .

The variable feed speed of the feed roller allows the user to slow down for hard materials or larger materials.

Technical Specifications

Model:PDU 1800 G
Actuation:Engine B&S Vanguard 31 HP
Number of Knives:02 - with two cutting edges that can be sharpened. und.
Rotating Drum:1700 RPM
Ability to Antlers:180 mm

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