Brush Chipper PDU 1000 T

The solution for triturating twigs, trunks and shrubs.

Brush Chipper PDU 1000 T

The wood chipper PDU 1000 T is a robust and versatile equipament, being a excellent choice for urban cleaning and the processing of organic residues.

This wood chipper is towable and has a tractor PTO system, which allows it to get into hard acccess places with ease.

Thanks to its PTO system, it can shredd high diameter logs, producing a rich organic compost with various applications like, soil cover for water retaining, thermal energy generation, fertilizer to the soil, lowering the use of sintetic fertilizers, being ideal for syntropic agriculture.

Main features:

• Safety bar around the feed rail for greater operator safety.

• Hydraulic feeding system for more agility

• PTO system

• Discharge duct with 360° spin and discharge baffle.

• Robust and strong structure for years of use.