Brush Chipper PDR 200

Developed to shred bushes, logs and urban branches, making it suitable for cleaning service providers, condominiums, parks and prefectures

Brush Chipper PDR 200

The crusher is equipped with an intelligent power system, which can be fully programmable by the user. This system monitors rotor rotations, slowing or increasing the speed of the feed rollers when needed, making the feeding of the crusher intelligent and continuous.

The PDR 200 is a compact, mobile, gasoline-powered vehicle that is suitable for driving on the road, with the possibility of being stamped. This model of shredder of branches has hook for transport and can be loaded by cars or trucks.

The branches are crushed at an angle to the rotor, thereby reducing the need for power and thereby reducing fuel consumption. For greater safety of those using this equipment, the crusher has an emergency stop bar, which pauses the equipment immediately.

This crusher is ideal for grinding twigs, logs, shrubs, plants, among others. The crusher can be used by cleaning service providers, condominiums, farms, parks, landscaping companies and even by municipal prefectures, who use it to do the urban cleaning and green areas.

Technical Specifications

Model:PDR 200
Ability to Antlers:200 à 230 mm
Size Chip: 10 a 20 mm
Weight: 1014 kg
dimensions:2980 x 1590 x 2350 mm
Discharge Tube:Giro 360 with baffle º
Traction rollers:2 und.
Number of Knives:2 ou 4 und.
Suspension:Torsion bar
Refrigeration system:Air
Fuel Tank Capacity:50 L
Power rating:39 HP 4-stroke gasoline HP
Drive motor:34 HP

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