Brush Chipper PDG 230 T

Tractor Rammer Picador developed for the triturating of branches, being able to be leading to places of difficult access

Brush Chipper PDG 230 T

The PDG 230 T is an ideal chipper for urban or rural cleaning and is therefore perfect for use by city halls, service providers, condominiums, farmers and others.

The wood chipper is developed to produce a quality organic compound to serve as soil cover, soil fertilization, burning in furnaces or boilers, etc.

The PDG 230 T has 3-point hitch for the tractor, thus being easily towable, so that it can reach hard to reach places.

Main features:

• Large diameter rotor to maintain dynamism in wood cutting to maintain high chip productivity

• Discharge chute with 270 ° swivel with baffle to enable discharge directly to desired location

• Operating bar positioned around feed rail for operator convenience and safety

• Feed hopper with hydraulic system for greater agility in the feed of the chipper

Technical Specifications

Model:PDG 230 T
Ability to Toras:200 mm
Opening Cut:230 x 320 mm
Number of Knives:4 und.
Discharge Height:2700 mm
Required tractor power:50 - 100 CV
Rotations Disk:540 - 1000 RPM

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