Brush Chipper PDU 1500 TR

Cross mounted chassis and whell for transportation

Brush Chipper PDU 1500 TR

The Wood Chipper PDU 1500 T presents the solution for those who want to reuse the organic waste or carry out the proper disposal of pruning waste and tree management.

The 1500 TR PDU has a cross-mounted chassis, allowing the equipment to be fed from the side, making it more practical for urban cleaning of streets and highways.

This is a compact and robust equipment, ideal for use in urban and rural areas, promoting the reuse of natural resources, producing high quality wood chips that can be used as soil cover, helping the soil to maintain ideal moisture, as fertilizer to ithe soil, or even reducing the volume of the material to be discarded.

Main features:

• Control bar on the side of the feed rail for greater operator safety

• Variable feed speed to adjust the need for material being shredded

• Easy access to components for maintenance

• NO-STRESS feed control system to ensure material quality and equipment durability

• Discharge chute with 360 ° swivel and baffle to discharge directly to desired location