Wood Shredder PDG 200

Equipment ideal for cleaning, pruning, thinning forests, management of urban trees in condominiums, farms and others.

Wood Shredder PDG 200

The glass shredder TVL-103 will help you manage your glass waste, such as beverage bottles, transforming this waste into small pieces of glass with full safety and efficiency. By shredding the glass waste you can reduce its storage space by 80%. The glass shredder TVL -103 is a high quality and safe equipment, and that is why it is the right choice. The rotor blades are manufactured with a wear-resistant alloy, allowing the need for grinding to be delayed. Another advantage of the shredder is its easy operation and its low maintenance costs, which makes the glass shredder an ideal product for bars, hotels, restaurants, concert halls and other businesses.

Technical Specifications

Model:PDG 200
Ability to Antlers:200 mm
Feed Opening:254 x 381 mm
Number of Knives:4 und.
Discharge Tube:360 degrees º
Required tractor power:60 - 100 CV
Series optional:Stress Control System
Weight:625 kg

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