Triturador de galhos PDG 150

Triturador de galhos feito para a limpeza de cidades, condomínio e áreas diminuindo os custos no manejo de arvores.

Triturador de galhos PDG 150

The PDG 150 is a Wood Chipper that uses the strength of a tractor to easily and easily shred branches and trunks, generating a great savings in transportation by reducing the volume of shredded twigs and can be used as soil cover, with investment being compensated in the short deadline.

In addition to the financial advantages of acquiring this chipper, it also has technical advantages that facilitate its productivity, for example, hydraulic feed hopper, where the rotating rollers with teeth pull the branches without the need to push the branches, safety bar around of the feed inlet, deflector of the discharge chute that allows pouring the chips where you ewant, among others.

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Technical Specifications

Model: PDG 150
Cutting Capacity:150 mm

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