Brush Chipper PDU 260 C – Mounted on the Truck

Brush chipper for urban clearing with compact and efficient design

Brush Chipper PDU 260 C – Mounted on the Truck

Urban cleansing now is no longer a challenge. Thinking of our customers' need to have a compact and easy to transport equipment, Lippel has developed the brush chippe PDU 260 C with a special chassis to be mounted directly on a truck with a dump bed.

Thanks to this innovative system, it is possible to have in a single vehicle with all the necessary means for the collection and processing of organic waste from pruning of trees and plants in urban areas.

It has a wide feed rail to provide greater safety to the operator, by keeping it away from the cutting system, and also own diesel engine, with great autonomy of work.

With this brush chipper it is possible to reuse the collected residues in urban roads and green areas, reducing its volume by about 70%, enabling the recycling of wood and antlers through organic composting, and can be used later as fertilizer for the soil in gardening and landscaping.

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Technical Specifications

Model:PDU 260 C
Motor:40 - 55 CV
Rotation speed:1500 RPM
Number of Knives:02 und.
Cutting System:Disc
Cutting Capacity:230 mm
Production:5 - 15 m³/h

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