Wood Chipper PDF 200 HD +UME

Great productivity with low operating costs in a compact and fixed machine, connected to the electric motor.

Wood Chipper PDF 200 HD +UME

The wood chipper and shredder branches PDF 200 HD + UME is a compact, fixed machine, connected to the electric motor, designed to shred the urban and forestry prunings and thinnings in a fixed location. Great productivity with low operating costs.

Fixed Chipper driven by electric motor (UME = Electric Motor Unit) with a hydraulic unit for feeding of logs through an efficient system of hydraulic roller traction.

Provides high operator safety and homogeneous chips.

High quality wood chips

The sizing of wood chips is done through suitable adjustment of the knives and the speed of feeding can be easily adjusted according to your necessity. The chip breaker is an optional equipment.

The wood is cutted in favor of its fibers, this reduces the power required for chipping. Furthermore, another feature is the self-feeding.

By running diagonally, disc knives pull the logs into the chipper, increasing its efficiency. Easy access to knives and counter knives.

Technical Specifications

Model:PDF 200 HD + UME
Discharge Height:3100 mm
Size Chip:30 mm
Power rating:40 HP
Actuation:Eléctric motor
Number of Knives:04 und.
Rotations Disk:900 RPM
Production:6 - 18 m³/h
Opening input horizontal:305 mm
Opening input vertical:200 mm
Weight:1100 kg

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