Picador e Triturador de Galhos e Folhas PDU 250 T

PDU 250 T a união entre a Versatilidade e a robustez

Picador e Triturador de Galhos e Folhas PDU 250 T

The power of the chipper comes from the tractor, which gives the power to grind various types of branches, and can take you to hard to reach places. The residue processed by the leaf and leaf crusher PDU 250 T can be used for the production of organic compound, which serve as natural fertilizer for the plants in your garden. Attachable to 3 points of the tractor and transportable via lift of the hydraulic or else by its own wheels.

Hydrostatic feed through the puller roller.

Control bar and safety around the feed trough that allows the feed roller to be reversed or stopped instantly in emergency situations.

Cutting system with a dynamically balanced disk; Reversible and refillable grinding blades, made from special steel with heat treatment and high resistance to abrasion.

Automatic feed system that manages the engine RPM relative to the cutting set; automatic clutch system to balance the rotation of the cutting system ensuring that the equipment does not bump or force the motor.

Technical Specifications

Model:PDU 250 T
Cutting Capacity:9 pol. / 23 cm / 230 mm
Required tractor power:40 HP to 90 HP at 540 rpm CV
Number of Knives:04 und.
against Knives:1 und.
Output Trough:giratoria 360º
Weight:970 kg

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