Branch Chipper PDG 230 Powered by Tractor

Tractor Rammer Picador developed for the triturating of branches, being able to be leading to places of difficult access

Branch Chipper PDG 230 Powered by Tractor

  The PDG 230 Branch Chipper is ideal for handling pruning, shrub and trunk branches. Its power comes from a tractor that allows the power to shred diverse types of branches, in addition to being taken in a place of difficult accesses. The outlet duct can be easily adjusted, allowing you to pour your chips wherever you want. The outlet duct allows a 360 ° turn and its deflector allows the adjustment of the distance the chips are thrown. The residue processed by the PDG 230 branch crusher can be used for the production of organic compost, which serve as natural fertilizer for the plants in your garden.

Technical Specifications

Model:PDG 230
Discharge Tube:32 º
Discharge Tube:360º º
Cutting Capacity:230 mm

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